New Clients

Taking into account your goals for the session, your health history, and your feedback, your therapist uses a variety of techniques to give you the best results. The modalities we may incorporate include:

  • Swedish
  • Neuromuscular
  • Reiki
  • Myofascial Release
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy

Although some clients prefer just to relax and stay quiet throughout the massage, we encourage you to ask questions and give feedback before and during your session. Our main focus is getting you to let go of your stress, aches and pains, better your health, and leave you feeling incredibly good after a session with us.

Discover the variety of services we have available, including couples, prenatal, deep tissue massage & more!

candle and rocks in a peaceful position on a table at Healing Hands Massage in chester and delaware county
Do I need to wear anything in particular to my appointment? Will I need to get completely undressed, and/or will I be undraped during the appointment?
You can dress in whatever you’re comfortable in; it is always easier to wear less jewelry as neckchains in particular, large earrings, bracelets and watches can sometimes be hard to work around and/or take a while to remove. You do not need to get completely undressed, only down to where you feel comfortable; and you are covered completely by the sheet and blanket the entire time; only the particular area we work on will be uncovered at that time, such as the back, arm, or leg.
I'm not sure how the pressure is supposed to feel. How do I know if it's right for me, or too much?
You should feel relaxed throughout the massage, even during a deep tissue massage, in order to get the most benefit. In general, a firmer pressure usually feels better; but if you find yourself tensing, or holding your breath, it is too much! Please tell your therapist if you would ever like more or less pressure during your session – they will be checking in with you periodically.
Since this is new for me, is it ok if I just want my back done?
Sure! Getting a general body massage (including arms, legs, hands, feet, face & scalp) is always the most beneficial way to receive massage therapy; but if you would like your therapist to concentrate on only one area, such as the back, in particular, please let them know!
Do you have salon services as well?
No. Since we are not a “spa”, we do not have the wraps, facials and other services offered there; we prefer to concentrate on the quality and consistency of hands-on massage therapy techniques here. We do, however, offer heat therapy, which is the application of moist heat packs, to assist in relieving muscle tension during your massage. It is available to add on to any session for a nominal $15 fee.
What is the difference between Therapeutic Relaxation and Deep Pressure?
Our Relaxation massages, unlike many spas, still consist of a fairly firm pressure that is not too light, nor too deep. It usually involves basic “swedish” (gliding and kneading) strokes that are applied equally to the arms, hands, legs, feet, face & scalp as well as the back; and includes some brief time spent on problem areas. Deep tissue massages involve a heavier-handed, firm to very deep pressure as needed; and also most often involve a heavy concentration on problem areas using more advanced techniques. We suggest the Deep Tissue massage for anyone experienced in receiving massage therapy that needs a session more geared towards problem area work and/or prefers a very deep pressure throughout their massage. Although it is easier to book ahead of time, your therapist can discuss the difference with you before beginning your massage and suggest an upgrade if need be once your goals are clear.