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What should I expect to feel after the session? Any follow up instructions?
People generally feel a wonderful sense of relaxation and calm, increased flexibility, and sometimes a slight grogginess immediately following a session. If this is your first massage ever, or in several months or years, you may feel some muscular soreness for a day or two following the session. This may happen even if the pressure felt completely right to you during the session and is just an increase in lactic acid production resulting from the massage (similar to the soreness sometimes felt when doing a new exercise).

We suggest drinking lots of water after your session, and depending on the client, maybe some moist heat or light stretching at home. Overall, you should just feel wonderful!

Do you do any stretching during your massages?
In addition to massage strokes, we may include some passive stretching of the neck, shoulders, arms, and in some cases, the legs, after checking with the client to see if there are any range of motion restrictions.
During what stages of pregnancy is it ok to get a massage?
Prenatal massage is very helpful and encouraged all the way to the due date and beyond. For some clients, it may be advisable to wait until after the first trimester to get a massage. Check with your doctor first to be certain.
What if I have a particular health concern, such as a recent surgery, or a condition, such as fibromyalgia?
It is always encouraged to check with your doctor regarding using massage therapy to treat specific conditions. It is not advisable to have massage therapy until at least 4 weeks have passed after surgery. Massage therapy is very non-invasive and helpful to many conditions such as fibromyalgia, and we have helped many fibro clients here in particular.
Do you offer any specific techniques, such as reflexology or hot stone?
Yes! Many of our therapists have particular training in techniques like reflexology, myofascial release, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, reiki, and so on. Although most therapists prefer to tailor a combination of their learned techniques to the client’s needs, and vary them throughout the session, please mention if you are looking for anything specific when scheduling and we’ll make sure we match you with a therapist using the technique you are looking for.
Do you work on children? What ages/recommendations?
Yes! We recommend only a 30 minute session for anyone under the age of 12. Please note, if your child is under the age of 18, a parent will need to be in the room during the session. It is important to mention when scheduling that the client is a minor.
What are the health benefits I can expect from receiving massage regularly?
In addition to pain and stress relief, massage has been proven to improve sleep, circulation, and immune system function.
Can I request a specific therapist?
Yes! We encourage you to find a therapist best suited to your needs and reschedule with them regularly! If you prefer to try different therapists, that is perfectly fine as well – It is all up to you.
What happens if I am late?
Although we do our very best to accommodate late arrivals and do not book our appointments too tightly together, the session may be shortened if another appointment after yours would be affected and started late as a result.
Do you have full one hour sessions? Will I be cut if I'm late?
Yes! Our full 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions start when the therapist begins your massage, not when you first arrive.
How far in advance do I need to schedule?
We do our best to accommodate all clients even with as little as an hour’s notice in most cases; however, evenings and weekends especially are our busiest times. We suggest calling as far in advance for those particular appointments as you can, or if you have special requests such as parties of 2 or more, couples massages, or therapists skilled in a particular technique.
What hours do you take appointments for? What would the last appointment of the day be?
Massages appointments can be scheduled 9am-9pm seven days a week. An hour session can be booked for as late as 8pm. Our schedulers are available to assist you in setting your appointment from 9am-8pm Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday


Do the therapists accept gratuities? Can I put the gratuity on a credit card?
Yes, therapists accept gratuities and they can always be put on a credit card even if that is not your payment method for the session. The amount you choose is completely up to you, based on your appreciation of the therapist’s skill level and focus on your goals for the session. $15-$20 is the average amount.
Can I have a choice of a male or female therapist?
Yes, always! Our schedulers will ask when setting your appointment.
How experienced are your therapists?
Their experience varies approximately 1-20 years or more in the practice of massage therapy. Newer therapists attend hands-on workshops to learn expanded techniques before beginning work here, to ensure all of our staff have a high-quality, top-notch massage.
Are your therapists specially trained, certified, and/or licensed?
Yes! All of our therapists have completed an accredited massage therapy program and are Pennsylvania state licensed or have applications pending. Many have additional training in advanced massage techniques including deep tissue work.

Our Company

Do you do house calls?
Yes! A House Call provides all the benefits of our in-office massage sessions, including table setup, linens, music, oils and lotions, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We offer in-home service options for any of our table massage sessions.
Do you offer chair massage at events or corporate offices?
Yes, we offer On-site Chair Massage Service which includes sending massage therapists to your location for individual mini massages in a group setting performed while sitting on a professional massage chair. Please contact Samantha 610-647-7551 x 813 or SamanthaB@hhmassage.com for more information.
How are you different from a luxury spa or massage chain?
Although we try to provide a beautiful atmosphere, and we do sell a large number of gift cards, we are more focused on massage therapy for overall health and well-being. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and truly care about providing each and every client with the best service possible. Last minute scheduling options, full 60 minute rather than 50 minute sessions, and individualized attention to the client’s needs for the session rather than a routine are some of the ways we accomplish that goal.
Is it a franchise, or does the same owner operate all 4 locations?
The same 2 massage therapists own and operate all four locations. All of the appointments for all 4 locations are scheduled out of one central office.
How long has Healing Hands been in business?
Healing Hands Massage registered in 1991.

New Clients

What is the difference between Therapeutic Relaxation and Deep Pressure?
Our Relaxation massages, unlike many spas, still consist of a fairly firm pressure that is not too light, nor too deep. It usually involves basic “swedish” (gliding and kneading) strokes that are applied equally to the arms, hands, legs, feet, face & scalp as well as the back; and includes some brief time spent on problem areas.

Deep tissue massages involve a heavier-handed, firm to very deep pressure as needed; and also most often involve a heavy concentration on problem areas using more advanced techniques. We suggest the Deep Tissue massage for anyone experienced in receiving massage therapy that needs a session more geared towards problem area work and/or prefers a very deep pressure throughout their massage.

Although it is easier to book ahead of time, your therapist can discuss the difference with you before beginning your massage and suggest an upgrade if need be once your goals are clear.

Do you have salon services as well?
No. Since we are not a “spa”, we do not have the wraps, facials and other services offered there; we prefer to concentrate on the quality and consistency of hands-on massage therapy techniques here. We do, however, offer heat therapy, which is the application of moist heat packs, to assist in relieving muscle tension during your massage. It is available to add on to any session for a nominal $15 fee.
Since this is new for me, is it ok if I just want my back done?
Sure! Getting a general body massage (including arms, legs, hands, feet, face & scalp) is always the most beneficial way to receive massage therapy; but if you would like your therapist to concentrate on only one area, such as the back, in particular, please let them know!
I'm not sure how the pressure is supposed to feel. How do I know if it's right for me, or too much?
You should feel relaxed throughout the massage, even during a deep tissue massage, in order to get the most benefit. In general, a firmer pressure usually feels better; but if you find yourself tensing, or holding your breath, it is too much! Please tell your therapist if you would ever like more or less pressure during your session – they will be checking in with you periodically.
Do I need to wear anything in particular to my appointment? Will I need to get completely undressed, and/or will I be undraped during the appointment?
You can dress in whatever you’re comfortable in; it is always easier to wear less jewelry as neckchains in particular, large earrings, bracelets and watches can sometimes be hard to work around and/or take a while to remove. You do not need to get completely undressed, only down to where you feel comfortable; and you are covered completely by the sheet and blanket the entire time; only the particular area we work on will be uncovered at that time, such as the back, arm, or leg.

Gift Cards

Can a lost gift card be tracked and still used?
We do our best to locate and replace gift cards based on the purchasers information. Please be sure to have us research this BEFORE scheduling your appointment. Full payment will be due at the time of your massage.
Can I use my gift card to give the therapist a gratuity?
No. Gift cards are used only for the service value. However, you can use a credit card to add a gratuity for your therapist even if you are not paying for the service that way.
Can I upgrade my gift card to get more time, add heat therapy, or to get a deep tissue massage instead of a relaxation massage?
Yes! You can always add any service to any session, and then just pay the difference in price once the gift card value is redeemed.
Can I split my gift card up? Can I use my hour session for two half hour sessions?
While you can use the value of your gift card however you would like, the cost of two 30 minute sessions ($50 each) does not equal the cost of one hour session. Please refer to the services page for the values of each session.
Can anyone use them?
Yes! Gift Cards can be used by whomever has the physical card. For this reason, please treat your Gift Card like cash.
Can Gift Cards be used at any of the locations?
Do Gift Cards expire?

No, our gift cards will not expire but they may lose some promotional value after a year. You will never lose the amount that you paid.