Most people know that getting a massage feels great.  But there is a reason why it’s called massage “therapy”.

Getting a massage regularly does wonders for your health.  It has a profound effect on your circulatory system, which means the cells and tissues in your body are getting more of the oxygen and nutrients it needs; and your lymphatic system is functioning better. Your immune system, therefore, becomes stronger by receiving a regular massage!  Another benefit is the relaxing effect on your nervous system, which reduces stress, improves sleep, and makes you better able to cope with life in general.  And of course, reducing muscle aches and pains are a big reason people seek out massage therapy.  As a population, a large part of our day can involve sitting at a computer.  As electronics of all kinds are increasingly more a part of our daily lives, it can be hard to prevent the spasms and aches that result from the accompanying sedentary postures we spend so much time in.  Massage therapy is, in effect, a “passive exercise” for our muscles.  Like exercise, it can balance out the stiffness in our muscles and joints from inactivity……in a non-invasive way that allows you to totally relax and enjoy.  Also like exercise, massage is most beneficial when received regularly, so that the effects can have a lasting, positive impact on your overall well-being.  Many of our regular clients report being more in tune with their body, aware of any problem areas before they actually turn into full-blown spasms; and that their body will “let them know” when it’s time for the next session.  Most people find that getting a massage once a month or every other week works best for them.

We, as a company, are firm believers in the power of receiving regular massage therapy for your health, and we try to make our services as affordable as we can for that reason.  Check out the many discount options we offer on our Specials section to discover how you can prioritize your health by getting regular massages, in a way that doesn’t overstretch your budget.